Create your plan

Create your plan

Creating your plan for the first time?

Here is some information that will help you.

This bushfire emergency planning tool is an online template that has been developed as a clear and easy planning guide. It is intended to present a best-practice approach to bushfire emergency planning.

Complete the chapters of the template online as required and when the template is completed you can produce your school’s Bushfire Emergency Plan as a pdf.

The plan can then be shared with others.

The online template tool is also designed to be regularly reviewed and updated.

Department of Education schools - please use the DoE Departmental template available from Facility Services.

DoE enquiries to

Chapters of the online plan template include:

  • School Bushfire Emergency Plan Contact(s) & Details
    • School Details
    • School Contact(s)
  • Primary Emergency Action
  • Emergency Roles & Responsibilities
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Pre-emptive Emergency Procedures
  • Evacuate Procedures
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • Evacuation Assembly Points
    • Off-Site Shelter(s)
    • Transportation Arrangements
  • Shelter-in-Place
    • Sheltering Procedures
    • Shelter Locations
  • Attachments
    • Plan Distribution

Each chapter has a ‘help’ section that prompts you to think about what information you need to consider as part of developing that section of your school’s Bushfire Emergency Plan.