Program overview

Safe school facilities – overview


School children are a vulnerable section of our community; schools are a key community asset, often central to a community; and schools and Education Departments have a duty of care to provide a safe workplace for staff and students.

Bushfire-Ready Schools is a Tasmania Fire Service bushfire safety initiative with the objective of achieving greater community resilience to bushfire through supporting education centres in bushfire-prone areas to manage their bushfire risk and prepare for bushfire emergency.

Using a tailored risk assessment methodology and performance criteria; each school is evaluated for its vulnerability to bushfire, and detailed advice is provided to the school on strategies to manage and mitigate bushfire risk.

The Tasmania Fire Service is working closely with the Department of Education and others to ensure that government and non-government schools in bushfire-prone areas are bushfire-ready; that is, that children, staff and visitors at schools will be safe if bushfires threaten.

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