Action Plan

Bushfire-Ready Schools program


The Tasmania Fire Service is working to ensure that government and non-government schools in bushfire-prone areas are bushfire-ready.

This means that children, staff and visitors at schools will be safe if bushfires threaten.

We are doing this in partnership with the Department of Education and Tasmanian schools across all sectors, to promote shared responsibility for managing bushfire risk.

The Bushfire-Ready Schools program is building community resilience to bushfire through shared responsibility, by supporting schools to manage and mitigate their bushfire risk.

The Bushfire-Ready Schools program is based on the Comprehensive School Safety framework.

Comprehensive School Safety is addressed by education policy and practices aligned with disaster management at national, regional, district, and local school site levels.

It rests on three pillars:

  1. Safe School Facilities
  2. School Emergency Management
  3. Disaster Resilience Education